Rose quartz

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a variety of crystalline quartz. Rose quartz is a pale pink to deep peachy pink color gemstone. It is rarely found in crystals, and when these occur, they seldom exceed ½ or (1 cm) in length. Its coloration has been attributed to traces of titanium, while its milky appearance may be due to tiny, needlelike inclusions of rutile. Clear gem-quality rose quartz is hard to find, and the color tends to be slightly paler than included material.

Rose quartz is usually found in pegmatites, sometimes in masses weighing hundreds of pounds. Rose quartz is usually cut en cabochon for jewelry purposes. The deeper shades are the most popular, and the darker colors show dichroism. It has been carved since ancient times and today it is used by “crystal healers,” who attribute the properties of unconditional love and emotional healing to the stone if it is placed against the skin.

Rose quartz is found in Galileia, Minas Gerais, Brazil and Madagascar, as well as India, Mozambique, Namibia, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

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